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last updated on 13/05/2018 - v1.23.05


  1. Download the latest RELEASE (.zip package) from
  2. Extract it to your Desktop (MultiPoolMiner will NOT work from folders such as "C:\Program Files\")
  3. Make sure you have all pre-requisites installed/updated from the IMPORTANT NOTES section below.
  4. Right-click on the (required) Start.bat file and open it with a Notepad application. Multiple start.bat files are included as examples.
  5. Edit the Start.bat file with your details (such as YOUR username, wallet address, region, worker name, device type). New users should NOT edit anything else. Please see COMMAND LINE OPTIONS below for specification and further details.
  6. Save and close the Start.bat file you just edited.
  7. Launch the Start.bat file you just edited.
  8. Let the benchmarking finish (you will be earning shares even during benchmarking).

Done. You are all set to mine the most profitable coins and maximise your profits using MultiPoolMiner.



(case-insensitive - except for BTC addresses, see Sample Usage section below for an example)

-region [Europe/US/Asia] Choose your region or the region closest to you.

-poolname [ahashpool, ahashpoolcoins, blazepool, blockmasters, blockmasterscoins, hashrefinery, miningpoolhub, miningpoolhubcoins, nicehash, yiimp, zergpool, zergpoolcoins, zpool, zpoolcoins] The following pools are currently supported (in alphabetical order):

IMPORTANT: For the list of default configured pools consult 'start.bat.' This does not rule out other pools to be included. Selecting multiple pools is allowed and will be used on a failover basis OR if first specified pool does not support that algorithm/coin. See the -algorithm command below for further details and example.

-ExcludePoolName Same as the -poolname command but it is used to exclude unwanted mining pools (please see above).

-username Your username you use to login to MiningPoolHub.

-workername To identify your mining rig.

-wallet Your Bitcoin payout address. Required when mining on AhashPool, BlazePool, Hash Refinery, Nicehash and Zpool.

-SSL Specifying the -ssl command (without a boolean value of true or false) will restrict the miner application list to include only the miners that support secure connection.

-type [AMD,NVIDIA,CPU] Choose the relevant GPU(s) and/or CPU mining.


Supported algorithms sorted by pool can be found at

The following algorithms are currently supported:

Bitcore, Blakecoin, Blake2s, BlakeVanilla, C11, CryptoNightV7, Ethash, X11, Decred, Equihash, Groestl, HMQ1725, HSR, JHA, Keccak, Lbry, Lyra2RE2, Lyra2z, MyriadGroestl, NeoScrypt, Pascal, Phi, Polytimos, Quark, Qubit, Scrypt, SHA256, Sib, Skunk, Skein, Timetravel, Tribus, Veltor, X11, X12, X11evo, X16R, X16S, X17, Yescrypt

Note that the pool selected also needs to support the required algorithm(s) or your specified pool (-poolname) will be ignored when mining certain algorithms. The -algorithm command is higher in execution hierarchy and can override pool selection. This feature comes handy when you mine on Zpool but also want to mine ethash coins (which is not supported by Zpool). WARNING! If you add all algorithms listed above, you may find your earnings spread across multiple pools regardless what pool(s) you specified with the -poolname command.

-ExcludeAlgorithm Same as the -algorithm command but it is used to exclude unwanted algorithms (please see above). Supported algorithms sorted by pool can be found at

-minername Specify to only include (restrict to) certain miner applications. A full list of available miners and parameters used can be found here:

-ExcludeMinerName Exclude certain miners you don't want to use. It is useful if a miner is causing issues with your machine. A full list of available miners and parameters used can be found here:

-currency [BTC, USD, EUR, GBP, ETH ...] Choose the default currency or currencies your profit stats will be shown in.

-interval MultiPoolMiner's update interval in seconds. This is a universal timer for running the entire script (downloading/processing APIs, calculation etc). It also determines how long a benchmark is run for each miner file (miner/algorithm/coin). Default is 60.

-delay Specify the number of seconds required to pass before opening each miner. It is useful when cards are more sensitive to switching and need some extra time to recover (eg. clear DAG files from memory)

-donate Donation of mining time in minutes per day to aaronsace. Default is 24, minimum is 10 minutes per day (less than 0.7% fee). The downloaded miner software can have their own donation system built in. Check the readme file of the respective miner used for more details.

-proxy Specify your proxy address if applicable, i.e

-watchdog Include this command to enable the watchdog feature which detects and handles miner and other related failures. It works on a unified interval that is defaulted to 60 seconds. Watchdog timers expire if three of those intervals pass without being kicked. There are three stages as to what action is taken when watchdog timers expire and is determined by the number of related expired timers.

Watchdog timers reset after three times the number of seconds it takes to get to stage 3.

-ExcludeWatchdogAlgorithm Exclude certain algorithms you don't want to be monitored by watchdog. Some algorithms, e.g. X16R, trigger watchdog constantly due to their nature. (default 'X16R')

-ExcludeWatchdogMinerName Exclude certain miners you don't want to be monitored by watchdog.

-minerstatusurl Report and monitor your mining rig's status by including the command above. Wallet address must be set even if you are only using MiningPoolHub as a pool. You can access the reported information by entering your wallet address on the web address. By using this service you understand and accept the terms and conditions detailed in this document (further below).

--minerstatuskey By default the MPM monitor uses the BTC address (-wallet) to identify your mining machine (rig). Use --minerstatuskey [your-miner-status-key] to anonymize your rig. To get your minerstatuskey goto to

-switchingprevention Since version 2.6, the delta value (integer) that was used to determine how often MultiPoolMiner is allowed to switch, is now user-configurable on a scale of 1 to infinity on an intensity basis. Default is 1 (Start.bat default is 2). Recommended values are 1-10 where 1 means the most frequent switching and 10 means the least switching. Please note setting this value to zero (0) will not turn this function off! Please see further explanation in MULTIPOOLMINER'S LOGIC section below.

-disableautoupdate By default MPM will perform an automatic update on startup if a newer version is found. Set to 'true' to disable automatic update to latest MPM version.

**-ShowMinerWindow By default MPM hides most miner windows as to not steal focus. All miners write their output to files in the Log folder. Set to 'true' to show miner windows (old MPM behaviour).

-UseFastestMinerPerAlgoOnly Use only use fastest miner per algo and device index. E.g. if there are 2 or more miners available to mine the same algo, only the fastest will ever be used, the slower ones will also be hidden in the summary screen.


(check "start.bat" file in root folder)

@cd /d %~dp0

@if not "%GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR%"=="1" (setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 1) > nul @if not "%GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE %"=="100" (setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100) > nul @if not "%GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS%"=="1" (setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1) > nul @if not "%GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT%"=="100" (setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100) > nul @if not "%GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT%"=="100" (setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100) > nul @if not "%CUDA_DEVICE_ORDER%"=="PCI_BUS_ID" (setx CUDA_DEVICE_ORDER PCI_BUS_ID) > nul

@set "command=& .\multipoolminer.ps1 -wallet 1Q24z7gHPDbedkaWDTFqhMF8g7iHMehsCb -username aaronsace -workername multipoolminer -region europe -currency btc,usd,eur -type amd,nvidia,cpu -poolname miningpoolhubcoins,zpool,nicehash -algorithm blake2s,cryptonightV7,decrednicehash,ethash,ethash2gb,equihash,groestl,keccak,lbry,lyra2re2,lyra2z,neoscrypt,pascal,sib,skunk -donate 24 -watchdog -minerstatusurl -switchingprevention 2"

start pwsh -noexit -executionpolicy bypass -command "& .\reader.ps1 -log 'MultiPoolMiner\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d.txt' -sort '^[^]*_' -quickstart"

pwsh -noexit -executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle maximized -command "%command%" powershell -version 5.0 -noexit -executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle maximized -command "%command%" msiexec -i -qb! pwsh -noexit -executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle maximized -command "%command%"

pause ############ END OF CONTENT OF START.BAT ############


Advanced config options are available via Config.txt

Current versions support advanced configuration via 'Config.txt' in the MPM main directory.

If Config.txt does not exist, copy Config.default.txt and rename to Config.txt

Config.txt is a JSON file and human readable / editable. A good primer for understanding the JSON structure can be found here:

Warning: The JSON file structure is very fragile - every comma counts, so be careful when editing this file manually. To test the validity of the structure use a web service like (copy/paste the complete file).

Default content of 'Config.txt'

    "Pools": {
        "MiningPoolHub": {
            "User": "$UserName",
            "Worker": "$WorkerName",
            "API_ID": "$API_ID",
            "API_Key": "$API_Key"
            "MiningPoolHubCoins": {
            "User": "$UserName",
            "Worker": "$WorkerName",
            "API_ID": "$API_ID",
            "API_Key": "$API_Key"
            "NiceHash": {
            "BTC": "$Wallet",
            "Worker": "$WorkerName"
            "Zpool": {
            "BTC": "$Wallet",
            "Worker": "$WorkerName"
    "Miners": {
    "Interval": "$Interval",
    "Region": "$Region",
    "SSL": "$SSL",
    "Type": "$Type",
    "Algorithm": "$Algorithm",
    "MinerName": "$MinerName",
    "PoolName": "$PoolName",
    "ExcludeAlgorithm": "$ExcludeAlgorithm",
    "ExcludeMinerName": "$ExcludeMinerName",
    "ExcludePoolName": "$ExcludePoolName",
    "Currency": "$Currency",
    "Donate": "$Donate",
    "Proxy": "$Proxy",
    "Delay": "$Delay",
    "Watchdog": "$Watchdog",
    "MinerStatusURL": "$MinerStatusURL",
    "MinerStatusKey": "$MinerStatusKey",
    "SwitchingPrevention": "$SwitchingPrevention"

There is a section for Pools, Miners and a general section

Advanced config for Pools

Settings for each configured pool are stored in its own subsection. Theses settings are only valid for the named pool.

To change payout currency of a pool

If a pool allows payout in another currency than BTC you can change this. Note: Not all pools support this, for more information consult the pools web page

The default pool config might look like this:

"Zpool": {
    "BTC": "$Wallet",
    "Worker": "$WorkerName"

The payout currency is defined by this line: "BTC": "$Wallet", (MPM will use the the wallet address from the start.bat file)

E.g. to change the payout currency for Zpool to LiteCoin replace the line for BTC with "LTC": "", (of course you need to insert a real LTC address)

"Zpool": {
    "Worker": "$WorkerName"

Advanced general configuration

Settings in this section affect the overall behaviour of MPM.

To show miner windows

By default MPM hides most miner windows as to not steal focus. All miners write their output to files in the Log folder.

To show the miner windows add '"ShowMinerWindow": true' to the general section in Config.txt: Note: Showing the miner windows disables writing the miner output to log files.

{ ... "SwitchingPrevention": "$SwitchingPrevention", "ShowMinerWindow": true, ... }


General overview:

Switching (or anti-switching) logic:

[Price] x (1 - ([Fluctuation] x [Switching Prevention] x 0.9^[Intervals Past]))
i.e. 123 x (1 - (0.2 x 2 x 0.9^5)


123 is BTC
1 is 100%
0.2 is 80% accuracy
0.9 is 10% reduction
5 is minutes if interval is 60 seconds
Example 1:
If SwitchingPrevention = 2 and accuracy of most profitable coin = 90%
Then NegativeValue = -20%

The negative value then decays by 10% every minute.

It can switch at any moment but to put the negative value into perspective:
Takes 6 minutes for 20% to reduce to 10%.
Takes 28 minutes for 20% to reduce to 1%.
Example 2:
If SwitchingPrevention = 4 and accuracy of most profitable coin = 90%
Then NegativeValue = -40%

It takes 13 minutes for 40% to reduce to 10%.
0.9 ^ 13 * 40 = 10

Determination of "biased" estimated profit:

The percentage amount that a reported estimated profit value is reduced, is based on the calculation below.

Percent Estimated Profit Reduction = (Margin of Error * SwitchingPrevention) / (Value that grows exponentially based on the number of minutes current miner has been running)

This means that the longer the current miner is running, the less MPM takes the Margin of Error into consideration and the less it reduces the estimated profit value. By adjusting the -SwitchingPrevention value up, you increase the effect the Margin of Error has on the calculation and, therefore, increase the amount of current miner run-time required to reduce this effect.

In practice, this explains why when you first launch MPM it may pick a pool/algorithm combo that has a lower value in the "Currency/Day" column, as it is favoring a more accurate combo. Over time, assuming the more profitable pool/algorithm stays more profitable, the accuracy will have less and less weight in the miner selection calculation process until MPM eventually switches over to it.

Please note, a new install of MultiPoolMiner has no historical information on which to build accurate "margin-of-error" values. MPM will, therefore, sometimes make less desirable miner selections and switch more often until it can gather enough coin data to stabilize its decision-making process.


MultiPoolMiner allows basic monitoring through its built in API.

API data is available at http://localhost:3999/

For a list of supported API commands open APIDocs.html with your web browser.


There are known issues with the following miners not submitting shares or show higher hashrate than what they actually do:

This is not a fault of MultiPoolMiner and nothing can be done on our end. Please raise an issue on their respective github pages. See FAQ#2 on how to exclude these if you wish to do so.


Q1. How do I start using MultiPoolMiner?
A1. The 'start.bat' file is an example that shows how to run the script without prompting for a username. Amend it with your username/address/workername and other relevant details such as region. Ensure it is run as Administrator to prevent errors.
Q2. A miner crashes my computer or does not work correctly. I want to exclude it from mining/benchmarking. What should I do?
A2. Use the -excludeminername command to exclude certain miners you don't want to use. A full list of available miners and parameters used can be found here:
Q3. Miner says CL device is missing (or not found). How do I resolve this issue?
A3. You most likely have NVIDIA cards in your rig. Open the start.bat in a text editor and look for '-type amd,nvidia,cpu' and change it to '-type nvidia,cpu'. This will disable the AMD exclusive miners and save you plenty of time when benchmarking. You can also exclude the cpu option if you don't want to mine with your processor.
Q4. I only want to mine certain algorithms even if they are not the most profitable. I want to exclude algorithms. How do I do that?
A4. Open the start.bat in a text editor and look for '-algorithm cryptonightv7,ethash,equihash,groestl,lyra2z,neoscrypt,pascal'. Delete the algorithms you don't want to mine. This can save you some time when benchmarking. You can include any of these or even all of them if you please but bear in mind this can result your earnings to be spread across many pools!
Q5. MultiPoolMiner is XX% more profitable. What does this mean?
A5. It is showing you the stat for MultiPoolMiner vs the one miner. It means that the calculated earnings of MultiPoolMiner switching to different algorithms would be that much more profitable than if it had just mined that one particular algorithm the whole time. The number is still only an estimate of your earnings on the pool and may not directly reflect what you actually get paid. On MiningPoolHub and other multiple algorithm pools, coins have fluctuating values and MultiPoolMiner switches to the one that is the most profitable at that time. Because each pool has different delays in exchange and payout, the amount you actually earn my be very different. If there is a significant difference in percentage, you might want to reset the profitability stats by running the ResetProfit.bat file. Your actual (but still estimated) earning is shown in the second row.
Q6. I want to re-run the benchmarks (changed OC settings, added new cards, etc.)
A6. Simply run 'ResetBenchmark.bat' This deletes all files in the /Stats folder. This will force MultiPoolMiner to run the benchmarks again. If you only want to re-run a single benchmark for a coin or algorithm, locate the appropriate stat file for that particular coin or algorithm and delete it. Please note some of the miners can do multiple algorithms therefore have multiple stat files for the same miner and some of them create multiple stat files for the different configuration files they use.
Q7. How long does benchmarking take to finish?
A7. This is greatly dependant on the amount of selected algorithms and the number of device types chosen in the start.bat file. By default, each benchmark takes one minute. You can speed up benchmarking significantly by omitting unused device types. For example if you have a rig with AMD cards, you can tell MPM not to even launch the NVIDIA or CPU specific miner applications by removing these after the -type parameter in the start.bat file.
Q8. Is it possible to choose how many GPUs we want to allocate to mining or restrict mining on certain GPUs?
A8. This feature will possibly be implemented in the future (planned enhancement for MultiPoolMiner V3) but not yet supported by MultiPoolMiner.
Q9. MultiPoolMiner says it cannot find excavator.exe
A9. Excavator is developed by Nicehash and their EULA does not permit redistribution of their software which means you need to download Excavator yourself from and place it in /Bin/Excavator/ (create the folder if does not exist). This is the permitted use of Excavator. Another solution is to delete the Excavator configuration file from the /Miners folder if you don't plan to use this miner.
Q10. MultiPoolMiner is taking up too much space on my drive
A10. Simply run 'RemoveLogs.bat' This will delete all unnecessary and/or old log files that can indeed take up a lot of space of your storage device. It is perfectly safe to do so if space is required.
Q11. What does 'ResetProfit.bat' do?
A11. This will reset your profit statistics and deletes all coin profibility data accumulated since MultiPoolMiner was first launched. This can be helpful when your predicted income stats (calculated average results) are broken which can happen when ie. an existing coin is added to a new exchange and the price falsely skyrockets due to low volume and liquidity. Bear in mind MultiPoolMiner becomes more accurate over time at calculating your profitability and running this scrypt will delete all that recorded data.
Q12. Why does MultiPoolMiner open multiple miners of the same type?
A12. Not all miners support multiple GPUs and this is a workaround to resolve this issue. MultiPoolMiner will try to open upto 6 instances of some of the miners to support systems with upto 6 GPUs or to overcome other problems found while testing. Doing so makes no difference in performance and donation amount to the miner sw developer (if applicable) will be the same percentage as if it was a single instance run for multiple GPUs ie. if one instance is run for five cards or five instances, one for each of the the five cards, that is still the same 1% donation NOT 5x1%.
Q13. MultiPoolMiner does not close miners properly (2 or more instances of the same miner accumulate over time)
A13. This is due to miner failure most likely caused by too much OVERCLOCKING. When miner fails it tries to recover which usually means restarting itself in the same window. This causes issues with the API connection to the miner and MultiPoolMiner thinks miner quit and launches another instance as a result. Due to default API port still being used by the first launched but failed miner, MPM can launch many instances of the same miner over time. This behaviour will be improved upon in the future but can only be completely solved by the user by lowering overclock to keep miners and the system stable.
Q14. Is it possible to change the payout currency from BTC to something else when mining on yiimp-based pools such as Zpool, Hash Refinery, etc?
A14. Yes, see However this is not recommended as your payout will become uncertain as all other payout currencies are internally exchanged therefore you may end up losing your earnings due to pool never having enough coins to pay you!
Q15. How do I customise miners to better work with my cards?
A15. Some cards may require special parameters to be used in order to make them (more) stable, such as setting intensity for specific miners/algos/GPUs. This can be done by heading to the /Miners folder and editing the relevant miner files. For example, for CcminerTpruvot.ps1 you can replace (mind the spaces!)
"x17" = "" # X17
"x17" = " -i 20" # X17 
to add intensity setting for that specific algorithm while used in conjuction with tpruvot's ccminer fork. This will result this specific miner on that specific algorithm will use the intensity setting of 20 which may help if you are experiencing driver crashes when using certain cards. Please search relevant forums for correct and recommended settings before changing anything!
Q16. I am getting:
ErrorCode error = method(handle, name, <IntPtr>Marshal.SizeOf<T>(),h.AddrOfPinnedObject(), out size);
A16. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later is required for MultiPoolMiner to function properly. Web Installer
Q17. Is there an option to split earnings? I want to mine 80% of the time to wallet A and 20% of the time to wallet B.
A17. This feature is not implemented, however, there are external services you can use to achieve the same such as
Q18. How to change fault tolerance limit to a higher percentage?
A18. Fault tolerance limit was implemented to detect unwanted negative or positive spikes in your hashrate caused by faulty miners or GPUs and prevent these statistics to be recorded to keep your benchmark data preserved in these unfortunate events. You should not feel the need to change this but first try to resolve the issues with your miners and/or devices. That said, if you are absolutely certain you want to change this, you can do so by amending the following line in Include.psm1:
[Math]::Min([Math]::Max($Stat.Week_Fluctuation * 2, 0.1), 0.9)
0.1), 0.9)
0.3), 0.75)
This will change the fault tolerance limit from +/-10% to +30/-25%.
Q19. MultiPoolMiner is not mining the most profitable algorithm. Why?
A19. MPM version 2.7 introduced a smarter spike resistance for both of your hashrate and coin difficulty/price ratio. This feature will detect and handle mining accordingly to prevent you losing time and profit. The usual case is, if an algorithm's price fluctuates a lot, then the short time profit might appear to be higher, but by the time you have mined it for a period of time, the coins will be exchanged for a much lower price and your mining will be less profitable. This is due to the PPLNS(+) nature implemented in the pools. To mitigate this effect MPM uses an 24h mean price (if provided by the pool) when determininig the most profitable algo. (#712, #713, query re NH to be resolved/omitted)
Q20. I am getting the following error: "NetFirewallRule - Access denied"
A20. You cannot put MultiPoolMiner inside directorires such as Program Files. Extract it to a non-restricted or user-created folder such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents, C:\MPM\ etc.
Q21. My antivirus says the .zip package contains a virus or MultiPoolMiner tries to download viruses. What should I do?
A21. MultiPoolMiner is open-source and used by many users/rigs. It also downloads miners from github releases that are open-sourced projects. That means the code is readable and you can see for yourself it does not contain any viruses. Your antivirus generates false positives as the miner software used by MultiPoolMiner are often included in malicious programs to create botnets for someone who wants to earn a quick buck. There are other closed-source miner program included in the package such as the Claymore miners. These come from legendary ranked or trusted/respected members of the bitcointalk community and used by a large number of users/rigs worldwide. You can exlude these miners if you wish by following the instructions in FAQ#2 and delete their software from your system.
Q22. How to disable dual-mining?
A22. Make sure NOT to include any of the the following parameters in your start.bat after -algorithm or add them after the -ExludeAlgorithm command: blake2s, decred, keccak, pascal, lbry, decrednicehash
Q23. How to download and install missing miner binaries?
A23. Some miners binaries cannot be downloaded automatically by MPM (e.g. there is no direct download). In these cases you need to download and install them manually. First find the download link "Uri" in the miner file (they are all in the folder 'Miners') and download the binaries. Next locate the destination path "$Path". You need to create the required subdirectory in the 'Miners' folder. Finally unpack the downloaded binary to the destination directory. If the packed file contains subdirectories you must also copy them.


By enabling the Monitoring Service by setting the -MinerStatusURL to point to as described in the Command Line Options section, you agree that the website can store relevant information about your mining rig(s) in its database that is directly accessible by anyone accessing the webpage with the corresponding wallet address (your BTC address set with the -wallet parameter, alternatively you can use -minerstatuskey parameter). The following data is stored for each mining machine (rig) and overwritten in the database in each script-cycle determined by the -interval parameter.
BTC address: all data is stored under and identified by the Bitcoin address set with the -wallet command
WorkerName: the name of the worker you set using the -workername command, also used for sorting
MinerName: the current miner software the worker is running
Type: device type set using the -type command, also used for sorting
Pool: current pool(s) the worker is mining on
Path: the miner application's path starting from /Bin as root. We will not store other user data!
Active: time the worker has been active for
Algorithm: the current algorithm the worker is running
Current Speed: reported hashrate from the miner
Benchmark Speed: benchmarked hashrate for the current algorithm running
PID: process ID of the miner application being used
BTC/day: Estimated Bitcoin earnings per day
The monitoring service can change, evolve, be unavailable any time without prior notice. The contents of the database will NOT be shared with any third-parties but we reserve the right to create metrics out of it and use its contents to improve or promote our services and MultiPoolMiner. Credits to @grantemsley for the codebase.